Tailored advice

Tailored advice

Every cultivation is different and every cultivation company is different. Differences occur in greenhouse type, dripping system capacity, entrepreneurial style, irrigation strategies, varieties under cultivation and many other areas. All of these affect the requirements of the cultivation process and thus also the choice of substrate slabs, as these all differ in water retention capacity and reactivity.

Cultilène can help you make the right choice. Our advisors will be happy to visit you and assess your operations and specific needs, free of obligations. We can then provide you with tailored advice. We have developed tools with which our advisors can determine to a high degree of precision which slabs and which approach will yield the best results for your company.

Practical toolss

Slab chooser
The slab chooser highlights substrate-related parameters for your situation. Ask one of our advisors to help you determine in a straightforward manner which slab is most suitable for your circumstances.

Substrate calculator
With the substrate calculator, we can determine the number of slabs you need as well as their precise dimensions, taking into account your equipment and wishes with respect to water buffer and substrate.

The Dose Size Factor

The Dose Size Factor reflects the ratio between the doze size of each dripper and the amount of stone wool it must reach and replenish. In other words, it is a measurement of the quantity of doze size (in cc) given during at once by one dripper for a litre of substraat (see article about the dose size factor).