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Light in the greenhouse: will you choose quality or quantity?

Water: vital in any cultivation process

Carefully controlled irrigation is indispensable for good cultivation results. That’s why Cultilene aims at offering growers every form of support we possibly can – using all the products, advice and services required for streamlined water management. For example, we’ll work with you on controlling factors such as water retention capacity, reactivity, water distribution and moisture content – always attuning our efforts to your crops, company circumstances and needs.

Increasingly, water is becoming a limiting natural factor influencing the quality of life. The demand for good-quality water is steadily rising. There are numerous reasons for this, such as global population growth and an increasing demand for water for the production of food and biofuels. The increasing scarcity of high-quality water is forcing us to use water efficiently.

As it is part of our mission to deliver solutions that contribute to optimal water management.

Cultilene’s substrate products offer you the possibility of highly economic water usage:

- the products can be applied excellently in systems with water recirculation;

- unlike many other substrates, the water in Cultilene’s stone wool substrates is fully and simply available for plants, i.e. the water is not bound to the material;

- Cultilene’s practical experience with irrigation strategies and modern substrate systems contributes to optimal use of water and substrate.




For general information about efficient water use in agriculture and horticulture, see the Irrigated Agriculture report of the European Water Platform.

The technology

The technology

For the production of stone wool substrate, Cultilene uses the specific knowledge and techniques available within our parent company, Saint-Gobain. Cultilene’s stone wool products are unique because of Saint Gobain’s extensive knowledge of fibre production. This knowledge is also partly used in manufacturing insulation products and various patented techniques available to Cultilene.

Particularly the technique of creating a stone wool structure in which the fibres have no preferential direction makes our products highly distinctive. Cultilene has gained a lot of practical experience with this so-called X-Fibre Technology. The X-Fibre Technology has been refined in the last few years, which has resulted in an extensive range of products.



- X-Fibre Technology has the advantage of vertical fibres with respect to quick rooting, while the combination with the horizontal fibres ensures an excellent distribution of moisture and roots through the entire slab.

- The X-Fibre structure prevents the roots from having a preferential direction; this causes the roots to use the entire slab. The structure is very similar to soil texture, in which roots have no preferential direction either.


- Practice has proved in a simple and convincing way that a fully rooted substrate slab naturally excels in aspects such as re-saturation, moisture distribution, and refreshment.

- X-Fibre Technology results in a fibre production process that excels in controlling the lava flow and the control of spinners, distribution and fibre curing. This produces a particularly homogeneous product with predictable (= controllable) characteristics.

X-fiber technology is a combination a natural structure and the most modern techniques of fiberproduction (= controlled quality


Personal contact

At Cultilene, we’re eager to lend you a hand in growing your business. After all, your success is our success! We are genuinely interested in hearing what our customers and business relations around the globe need to promote growth in the broadest sense of the word. Your needs form the basis for our own products and services, allowing us to pick up where others leave off. It goes without saying that we always work with the utmost respect for the environment; all of our products are made from natural raw materials and contribute to a reduced consumption of water, energy and nutrients. Cultilene cares: for people and for our planet.

We highly value personal contact with our relations, considering it vital to making sure our products and services are aligned with your business. Here are some examples:

- Product choice Personal consultation resulting in tailored advice, as Cultilène realises that no two companies and cultivation processes are the same (see Tailored advice).


- Specific wishes, for instance in the field of products, logistics, support (see our History page for several examples).


Product support. For example our horizontal measurements



Direct contact with our staff