Part of Saint-Gobain

Part of Saint-Gobain

Cultilène focuses in providing innovative solutions that contribute to the optimisation of water management and energy consumption so as to enable growers to improve the quality of their processes and to save on fertilizers, water and energy, and to contribute to sustainable horticulture. Managed from the Dutch city ofTilburg and with production units in The Netherlands,Spain, theCzech Republic andCanada, Cultilène has set ambitious sales and marketing goals with respect to turnover growth, product development and optimisation of production facilities. Besides delivering the most suitable water buffer for each cultivation system, Cultilène lends a helping hand in optimising the use of delivered products through a team of (cultivation) specialists.

Cultilene is part of the group Saint Gobain, a global organization with over 170,000 employees. Saint-Gobain is an innovative industrial organization with a strong focus on high performance materials.

The group is known as a major producer  of flat glass, container glass (bottles) , insulation, abrasives, plastics, plaster and other building materials. In addition, Saint-Gobain has a very important position in the distribution of building materials. In almost all these areas the group is global market leader. Saint-Gobain invests annually € 365 million in R & D, which employs 3000 people. In total the group has 1,400 companies in 67 different countries. Saint-Gobain is a listed company in the stock exchange (CAC 40)   and achieves an annual turnover of approximately € 40 billion.


Observant, attentive and compact

Today, Cultilene holds a major position in global horticulture. It is based on our wide experience and, of course, directly linked to our factories, offices and representatives spread out across the world.

Our strong position does not keep us from staying alert, attentive and compact. We’re proud of our short lines. We respond rapidly to every new market development as well as to individual inquiries. Our entire organisation is focused on serving growers. We never let an innovation possibility slip by.

Through it all, we’re also intent on always being practical: every initiative, idea or plan is dealt with on the basis of a single, simple question: ‘What’s in it for the grower?’

In close consultation with our clients, we develop products that help growers manage and/or improve their cultivation processes.

It’s no coincidence that much of what we do is tailored to specific circumstances, needs and wishes.