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Just a few decades ago, greenhouse growers (mainly in The Netherlands) began to look for an alternative growth medium that could be subjected to rigorous conditions. From the very start, stone wool demonstrably was the most successful alternative to soil.

The substrate became such a huge success, that the Saint-Gobain enterprise soon (in 1979) launched a separate business for its production, processing and distribution: Saint-Gobain Cultilène.

Since 1999, Cultilène has grown vigourously, offering new products, greater diversity, more variations and a wide range of specific qualities – all of this in response to the fact that growers themselves are becoming more specialised, testing and launching new cultivation techniques.

Internationalisation is another major factor in Cultilène’s development. We now export to over 50 countries from our various production locations across the world.


From the very beginning, Cultilène sought to be the growers’ extension piece by providing product that meet their needs and expectations down to the last detail. The number of innovative, trendsetting products we’ve realised in collaboration with our clients offers ample proof of this:

         Black / white foil

         Donut ring

         100% plant holes

         Narrow pallets

         252 plug tray

         Optidrain (plus)

         Sterilisation using irradiation of the EPS trays

Our access to the newest technologies through our mother company Saint-Gobain, moreover, enabled us to roll out an extensive assortment of substrate slabs and cultivation blocks in 2010. Now, growers can use the substrate most suited to their specific conditions and wishes.

In short, Cultilène has grown into an organisation eager to lend a helping hand. This is reflected in the new logotype we introduced in 2010, along with our core theme: Cultilène cares.