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Growing vegetables on Cultilène

More choice in absorption capacity and controllability range

The cultivation of vegetables on substrate presents varying substrate requirements. Some crops/growers require a substrate of a generative nature, whereas others prefer a substrate with a vegetative nature.

Cultilène’s substrate slabs (potentially) have a high water retention capacity that offers excellent controllability. The slabs can also be re-saturated quickly and completely. Their excellent controllability means you can vary the moisture content in every cultivation stage and in every season, within a bandwidth of your own choice.

Your slab choice depends on a combination of factors, such as the capacity of your irrigation system, your irrigation strategy, the subsoil profile, and the type of crop. With our wide range for vegetable cultivation you can select on the basis of water-retention capacity and reactivity.

Pick the slab that fits your growing strategy

Exact Air
- Strikingly better O2 supply in the bottom 2.5 cm of the slab
- Substantial reduction of inefficient water roots
- Superior root distribution within the slab
- More resistant to irrigation problems
- Re-saturation is second to none
- A “safer” substrate under autumn conditions

A slab with a faster response to water content with good EC control
- Excellent reactivity to changing growth circumstances
- Strikingly even water and EC distribution 

Outstanding reactivity for a fast response to changeable growing conditions
- Ideally suited for use in gutter systems
- Best choice for growers using sensors for tight water content and EC control
- Generative substrate in wintertime and/or relatively dark greenhouses

Multiannual, firm, durable product
- Large water content control possibilities for vegetative/generative balance 
- Ideal for growers looking for more water buffer during the summer months