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Young plant propagation

The cultivation of young plants is a delicate matter. As a grower or breeder you know better than anyone the interplay of factors necessary to achieving good results. Coincidence has no place here. That is why Cultilène offers you certainty with a wide range of cultivation products aimed at optimal plant development and efficient processing (for the cultivation of both ornamental plants and vegetables).

Homogeneity and firmness
Naturally, the homogeneity of Cultilène’s cultivation products meets the highest standards. Our cultivation products excel in robustness. Robustness is of great importance, in particular for handling and retaining product characteristics throughout the entire cultivation process.

Excellent initial saturation
The rate at which the substrate can absorb water is another distinguishing quality of Cultilène’s stone wool products. The rapid saturation or re-saturation capacity of the stone wool blocks paves the way for quick processing while ensuring that all blocks are maximally saturated with water. This initial saturation is critical to the homogeneity in other stages of the cultivation process.

Always the right cultivation block
Thanks to the production process applied by Saint-Gobain Cultilène, we are able to refine products so that they meet varying wishes our customer may have in terms of initial saturation, water retention capacity, continued rooting, refreshment and processibility. No two companies and no two cultivations are the same. For instance, companies differ with respect to greenhouse type, automation level, watering system capacity, sowing method and plant variety. There are also different entrepreneurial styles. All these factors impose different demands on cultivation blocks. That’s why Cultilène has expanded its range of propagation blocks to three variations.

Crop specific blocks

- Specific block for tomato and cucumber
- At least 5% more roots per plant
- 20% less visible roots at the bottom of the cube|
- Easily the strongest cube in existence, in both dry and wet conditions|
- Remarkably good root penetration from the plug into the cube
- Vertical deviation in water content, EC and pH smaller than ever before
- Easy continuous control and generative steering in phase next to planthole
- Fibre structure gives control and stability to delivered 60 - 80 cm big plants
- Less root damage due to fewer roots under the cube
- This minimizes the entry points for root pathogens

Quick Reaction (QR)
- Specific block for Sweet Pepper
- Specially developed to react quickly with water content and EC
- Offers the possibility of generative impulses in the first phase of cultivation
- Remarkably rapid rooting in the slab, accelerated fruit and plant development
- Reduces the likelihood of algae, small flies and root diseases
- Ensures the right balance between plant weight and generative characteristics

Plant Comfort (PC)
- Specific block for cucumber and sweet pepper
- Little resistance during rooting and without loss of firmness
- Rapid rooting from plug to block